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Private Rollerskating Parties

Birthday Parties

In-session Parties

Private Parties

Private Parties can be fun


Reservations are required for all private parties.
Reservations are taken during any public session:  Tues. 6:30-8:30pm, Thurs. 9:45-11:45am;  Fri. & Sat. evenings 6:30-10:30pm,  Sat. & Sun afternoons 1-5pm or by calling 414-747-1414.

Large group parties are held on Wednesday and Thursday evenings for two hours of skating. They may be "just for fun," rewards for your group members, or they may be fund raisers. Daytime parties for school field trips are also available on a staff availability basis, so make arrangements well ahead of time, and follow-up on final plans. For parties, our entire facility is at your disposal:

  • Skating, with skate rental included, on a 86' x 180' maple skating surface
  • Music: We play popular, and game type music to entertain families (If you have special music needs, arrangements can be made.)
  • Snack Bar: A full line of soft-drinks, snacks, hot-dogs, and candy is reasonably priced. (A snack or soda can be included with your admission if you make these arrangements.)
  • Game Room: Video Games are available
  • Trinket Items

FIRST -- Find a date

Reservations must be made to book your date. Please call 747-1414 or 747-0111 during evening business hours to reserve a party date and time. There is a $25.00 deposit fee for groups which are not yet established with us. Personal checks are not accepted.

These parties are exclusive with only your group attending, unless you specify otherwise. (you might allow other friends of your students or families to attend to boost your attendance.) Although your party may be private, Rollaero still maintains a dress and conduct code for anyone entering the building. Wisconsin statute 895.525 (3)-(4) applies: Skaters participate at their own risk. We expect your group to co-operate with our dress and conduct codes for everyone's safety. Please review our rules with your guests prior to your event.

NEXT -- Figure the rate

Determine the size of your group, then find your price per skater from the cost information below. This determines your minimum cost. There may be a charge to make up the difference if your group is considerably smaller than you expected. Your deposit may be used toward paying for this difference if low attendance is low. If you reach or exceed your attendance estimate, your deposit is refunded. If your group books several fund raising parties each year, perhaps you can use incentives to promote attendance.

Party admission includes free skate rental . Party rates are as follows:

150 skaters or more, with snack bar open $ 2.50 each

125 skaters, with snack bar open $ 3.00 each

100 skaters, with snack bar open $ 3.50 each

80 skaters, with snack bar open $ 4.00 each

When snack bar services are not used, add 50¢ per skater


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