Rollaero does not accept credit cards and does not have an ATM on premises - We accept cash only
Fun Fitness Recreation at Rollaero Skate Center

5200 South Pennsylvania Avenue — Cudahy, WI 53110

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Skating Rules at Rollaero Milwaukee

rink rules


Building Policies

  • Good behavior and language is expected
    You will be asked to leave if you do not behave properly
  • No illegal drugs or alcohol in you or on you
  • Skates must be worn by everyone, except adult parents of skaters
  • All personal skates must pass inspection to be used here
  • No smoking is allowed on the premises,
    gum chewing is discouraged (fall and you might choke

Floor Policies

  • No skating against traffic
  • No stopping in traffic
  • No fast skating
  • No carrying children while skating
  • Cell phones cannot be used on the skating floor

Dress Code

  • Clean and modest clothing is expected
  • No caps, unsafe clothing or unduly torn clothing
  • Men: no muscle shirts, chains, etc
  • Girls: no halters, thin straps or see-thur fabric
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